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Glenna and Dustin Whitaker

Glenna and Dustin Whitaker

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We have always had a passionate love affair with coffee but it wasn't until several years ago when we traveled to Portland, Oregon that we learned what specialty coffee truly means.  We toured coffee roastery after coffee roastery like kids in a candy store checking out the different brewing techniques and different single origin coffees. Portland was where we were able to experience our very first cupping.  It was there where we first learned about the third wave coffee movement and that coffee wasn't just a delicious commodity to be consumed but an art form in and of itself.  Even more importantly, we became more aware about the very complicated and intricate path and processes our coffee beans went from farm to cup.  We were deeply inspired to discover many of these coffee roasters took actions to ensure sustainability and made extra efforts to engage in fair and ethical business practices.  

In our quest to find organic and fair trade coffee beans we came across Café Femenino.  Once we learned about Café Femenino' s mission and how it helped women fight for social justice, take on leadership roles, and improve their living conditions we knew it was something Down Dog Coffee Roasters had to be a part of.

If nothing else, our goal at Down Dog Coffee Roasters is to make sure we have a positive effect in our community and in our world.  We firmly believe all companies have a duty to maintain ethical and socially conscience business practices by and large and strive to make that the heart of our company.